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Space en suite with Bi Side and Mono Side bio fireplace


Bioethanol fireplaces are universal, ecological solutions, which bring in unique atmosphere in our apartments. Available in various shapes, let arrange the space in our houses in a different way. New bio fireplaces by HorusBIO are the part of solutions making possible joining two spaces with elegance, design device.

Bi Side and Mono Side are built-in bio fireplace insert. They are the idea of interesting arrangement solutions, bringing in market besides free standing bioethanol fireplaces and wall-mounting. Bi Side insert could be adapted to any type of interior. It’s an inspiring tool to create our own space. It consists of two rectangular fuel tank, made of high quality stainless steel. Due to its frame, it matches both modern and classic interiors. It is an “expansion” of burner “fuoco” with the capacity 2.5 L, that works on biofuel.



Elegance, classic-shaped, Bi Side insert works great as a combination installed in a wall, that separates two rooms. It integrates space in subtle and unique way. Due to this solution, the wall separating two rooms becomes its link at the same time. The brightness, extracting from glassed bioethanol fireplace, emanates with warmth and looks unclichéd. It’s one of the most modern design solutions, used in hotels, restaurants, but also in the apartments and houses.


Endless options of arrangement

Bio fireplace inserts by HorusBIO are also available in Mono Side version. Due to these devices it’s possible to create interesting arrangement glassed forms just at one side. This model is an integral part of one room. In addition, HorusBIO company offers built-in models Bi Side and Mono Side in different sizes: 60, 90, 130 (width) and also Bi Side and Mono Side designed in vertical and horizontal version. Bioethanol fireplaces by Italian manufacturer, installed in the walls, on the shelves or niches, light up the space of a room and create unique and mysterious atmosphere.