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Flut – stylish fusion of water and fire


Fire and water were always known as opposed elements. The first one can bring pernicious destruction, but also give desired warmth. The water cleans and is knows as fire-tamer. And what if join these two elements?

Floral inspiration

This idea has motivated designers of the newest project by luxurious brand Glammfire – Flut bio fireplace. The inspiration were beautiful water lilies, free-floating on the water. Due to simple, streamlined and noble lines, Flut eco fireplace will become the decoration of every water tank and space around. Bio fireplace can be successfully placed near the ponds, swimming pools, outside and inside. For example in the backyard. It will perfectly complement every arrangement, and small fire will add unique warmth, but also incredible charm and character.

The model by Glammfire is available in three universal, but at the same time expressive colour: black, white and red. Due to this we obtain many possibilities of arrangement. These colour harmonize perfectly, because they match to noble wood, but also to modern, more raw interiors.


Taking care about details

The designers have attached importance to many significant details. Flut bio fireplace is finished with enamel glass fiber. Moreover, the flame is surrounded by special glass, resistant to high temperature. What is more, Glammfire offers also different additional accessories, e.g. acrylic chamber, where the bio fireplaces can be placed.

The proposed model Flut is relatively small and convenient. It weighs 6 kg. The dimensions are as following: diameter 404 mm, height 829 mm. Burning time – 6 hours with 2 L of eco-friendly bioethanol.