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Stéphane Perruchon: my design of bio fireplace


A talented designer Stéphane Perruchon made a contribution to bioethanol fireplace industry with a very innovative concept of a Babylon model available in several shapes.Ultra thin design surprises with its originality and mobility. Bio fire’s dimensions allow for setting it and heating any part of the house.

The designer was inspired by a reference to the hanging and cascading terraces of the ancient Babylon and the atmosphere of Christmas. Motto during the creation of this ethanol fireplace was: “Your HOME is where Your HEART is”. So this project is certainly worthy of placing in the center of the burner.


The structure consists of a thin frame and a burner, suspended on a number of steel, almost invisible cords. Burner seems to be floating in the air at the center of the structure. Thanks to that, a bioethanol fireplace is characterized by a very light and ethereal appearance. It is available in several colours and shapes: square, rectangular, circular, cylindrical, and even in the shape of a pyramid. Rectangular model can be set vertically or horizontally. Everyone will find a shape meeting his expectations.


This bio fire will surely be welcomed by the supporters of ecological fireplaces. It will match perfectly a minimalist, modern and industrial interior.



Bio-fireplace-161 fot. Stéphane Perruchon