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Sculpture in space – bio fireplace Rubik


High level design, opportunity to create your own space and replenishment of souce of warmth. All these features are joined in new bioethanol fireplace Rubik. The offer of company HorusBIO was extended with burners, that could be used both inside and outside.

Modern project of bio fireplace Rubik brings in special character into our apartments or commercial objects. Eco-friendly, without smell, wood and smoke, this model allows to use unconventional methods of interior arrangements. What makes bio fireplace Rubik so unique?

Above all, device is divided into modules, that can be easily set and form. It is made of high quality painted steel into universal and elegance white colour. The possibility of rotation and modification of position of bio fireplace, let freely creates the space. Regular or chaotic figures, look very stylish and unique on terrace or balcony. Functional, modern, free standing burners could also warm up the atmosphere of every garden swimming pool, tea garden or house entrance.

Bio ethanol fireplace Rubik is the combination of modern, minimalistic architecture with usable device. Design space decoration and elegance source of warmth, it doesn’t need any chimney-ventillation system. The model was made of high quality materials, it is less than 1 metre tall. Heat output – 3.5 kW/h, burning time – about 6 h, one insert with eco-friendly bioethanol. The burner is placed on the top of construction of bio fireplace, and it is protected by glass casing.