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Bio fireplace – minimalistic interior by Horus


The characteristics of minimal interior are: sharp edges, mostly white or other light colours contrasted with different addendums and smooth, shiny surfaces. Bio fire Streep by Horus is very interesting proposition to revive the interior or to emphasise our modern house.

This shape fascinates by the simplicity, but at the same time – the combination of two different colours – white and red, intrigues and puzzles. Burner looks like open slot, picturing inside with bursting fire. The best idea is to place it in rooms with the identical height as the height of this model. This bio fire will be perfect in arrangements, if its construction reaches from the floor to the ceiling.


Paulo Grasselli is the author of this bio fire. He wants to create unique decoration for ultra modern interiors. Streep will be the best for the interiors with white walls, because it can make big, smooth and boring surface more colourful. In the interiors with red walls – it can be the contrastive addendum.


External dimensions:

red version: 33 x 30 x 265 cm, white version: 33 x 30 x 238 cm

Bioethanol fuel tank volume: 1,5 l

Burning time: 4 h

Heat output: 3 kW/h

Average fuel combustion: max 0,45 l/h – min 0,28 l/h

Weight: red version: 33.5 kg, white version: 31.5 kg

Bio-fireplace-301 photo HORUS