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Massimo Battaglia: my design of bio fireplace


The designer Massimo Battaglia, inspired by the Irish cliffs called “Giant’s Causeway”, designed a unique ethanol fireplace. Just like the cliffs of volcanic origin, Basalto ethanol fireplace is characterized by giant basalt columns of irregular, polygonal shapes. Since the primeval land of “Giant’s Causeway” had long been abandoned by their natural volcanic fire, the designer decided to revive the connection with the creation of this unique ethanol fireplace design. Basalto is available in two versions, as the white ethanol fireplace powered by bio-ethanol, as well as black, standard fireplace lit with wood. In the latter case, an interestingly looking steel exhaust absorbing hood is installed on the ceiling instead of the chimney. Both versions are made of glazed ceramics.



bio-fires-192photo Tuvie.com – Industrial Design and Future Technology


photo Massimo Battaglia