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AkoStone™ – unique decorations for the bathroom and interiors – not only for bio fireplaces


AkoStone Home & SPA Decoration is inspired by nature series by Akii Juliushhi. It is an amazing combination of nature’s beauty and art, create in the form of ceramic stones. It is an unique series. The idea comes from the decorations used for the bio ethanol fires, but now everybody, not only happy owners of bio fires, can enjoy it.

Hand made stone decoration are unique adornment for the bathroom, SPA , living room and store windows. They shine bright because of the high quality exclusive glazes. They are resistant to high temperatues (1080° C) and look amazing together with the bio fire. The flame reflecting from the stones creates impressive and unique illumination.

Simple, pure form. But at the same time every stone is unique, what allows to decorate in different ways. AkoStone Home & SPA Decoration can be used both at home and public places. Placed on the top of a table, stillage, around the bathtub or sink AkoStone emphasises the character and sophisticated beauty.

Its universal colour scheme allows to create the compositions using rustic gold, yellow, black, white stones, and also other tones of pallets.

AkoStone Home & SPA Decoration are available in two sets: AkoStone™ 7 Elements (seven smaller stones) and AkoStone™ Big three(three big stones) – may be matched to the requirements of the interior. People who like minimalistic elegance and pure form will like these accessories for sure. Akostone are beautifully wrapped, so it can be very attractive gift for everyone.

We invite you to the manufacturer’s web site to receive more inspirations www.akostone.com

        photo: AKOSTONE