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Ceramic logs AKOWOOD – popular accessories for bioethanol fireplaces


Bio fireplaces are the combination of modern design and functionality. Untypical, beautiful objects with various shapes, limited only by the imagination of the designer, are not only the source of live fire but also real piece of art. Although users appreciate comfortable service with no smoke, dust or ash, the fire not coming from wood may cause disappointment. However, even that problem has its innovative solution. What type?

Logs, which do not burn

Pine, birch, beech and oak – perfectly mapped logs of these trees are the exclusive decorative accessories for bio fireplaces. AKOWOOD logs are made of special ceramic mixture resistant to temperature up to 1080°C. Placed inside the burner they do not damage and are confusingly similar to real wood. Handmade production of the objects guarantees that every piece will be unrepeatable and individual. Besides esthetical virtues, accessories are also functional. Burning logs accumulate warmth, pleasantly heat up the interior, even when the burner goes off.

International appreciation

AKOWOOD logs, depending on the length (from 17 cm to 26.5 cm), are perfect for every type and size of bio fireplace. Made in Europe, are distinguished by high quality and durability of the finishing. That’s why they are a popular choice among the clients. The attractiveness is additionally emphasised by the fact that AKOWOOD products, as one of not many, considering safety and quality of production, have eco recommendation of our international journal about bioethanol fireplaces – LOVTER. Logs are responsible for the increase of fire dynamics and filling burning bio fireplace with realism. That’s why they are absolute must have for every owner of this modern interior.

AKOWOOD ceramic logs are also recommended by many manufacturers of bio fireplaces all over the world.

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