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Bio fireplaces – are they safe?


Undoubtedly, an important advantage of the bioethanol fires is friendly and safe combustion. These devices are completely safe. They are supplied with the liquid fuel based on ethanol. The entire combustion process takes place without the wood.

Bioethanol composition is appropriately selected, so that its combustion product is water vapour and carbon dioxide. Water vapour increases the humidity in the rooms which is very beneficial to health and carbon dioxide content is so minimal that it does not pose any threat. CO2 is emitted in the amount similar to that exhaled by humans. Maintaining the normal oxygen circulation carbon monoxide poisoning is not possible. Moreover, during the combustion there is no smoke nor any smell. Thus, there are no chimneys needed and their operation is much simpler and safer than of traditional fireplaces.

The very structure of bio fires is also equipped with solutions increasing their safety. First of all, they are made of high quality materials including: steel, glass, ceramics and stone. These are non-flammable materials, practically they do not wear at all and provide long-lasting effect of the bioethanol fire. In addition, most of the models available on the market are equipped with solutions providing fuel to the burner constructed in a manner preventing fuel backflow, i.e. fire reaching the tank. Bioethanol fuel tank is usually isolated from the burner. Bioethanol flows through the intermediate ducts. Thus, we do not have to worry about the uncontrolled spread of fire.