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What is a bio ethanol fireplace?


A bio ethanol fireplace is a device designed for space heating purposes and is an attractive complement to the standard heating system. Supplying the flame distinguishes this bio ethanol fireplace from a traditional one. Here wood was replaced with special ecological biofuel.

Since there is no smoke or odour during combustion, no chimney installation is needed. Their operation does not require any servicing or chimney permit. It is one of the biggest advantages of the bio ethanol fireplace. They can be installed in the areas where mounting of traditional fireplaces is impossible. Lack of adequate chimney and a small space does not preclude their use.

In addition to a heating function, ethanol fireplaces are a fantastic solution for interior design. Simple mounting and a wide range of forms and patterns enables the realisation of most elaborate decorations and will turn out to be suitable even in a small apartment in the block of flats.



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