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Bio fireplace – beauty of volcano


Unique ethanol fireplace which is inspired by volcanoes being a source of tremendous energy.

Model Terragen by Flying Cavalries will be your personal source of energy that will fill you after a busy day. This ethanol fireplace will be the heart of your house. Looking at the merging of the colours will help you find the balance between soul, body and the outside world. Colourful interior of the structure, which definitely distinguishes this ecological fireplace from others, is visible both from the top and from the side.

With each day ethanol fireplace structure can enchant and amaze. Apart from the undeniable decorative function, the ethanol fireplace will be a very functional coffee table. Transparent sheet of glass on the top allows to place utility object on its surface and does not obscure the view into the “volcano”, whose flame will warm the room during gloomy and rainy days.