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Bio fireplace Duet – the power of combinations


The choices are difficult, but it’s not about the bio fireplace Duet. The connection of ecological fireplace and elegance small terrace table eliminates the discomfort of taking a decision. There’s nothing but to take from the power of compilation.

Bio fireplace Duet by Caleido is very esthetic and functional element of interior dedicated for the terrace, verandah or patio. The stand in the guise of mildly curved poles placed on the round base, decorations destined for the open areas seems to be light and fresh. A speck of elegance is given by the performance: the massive cement top, propping up with stell stand covered with epoxy makes exceptionally compact and noble composition.

Small table +

Duet, already as a piece of furniture, should satisfied the most sophisticated tastes. However together with the amazing desing, table was equipped with small burner – and depend on mood and the kind of evening the romantic flame could come out. When you got tired of reading a book, or when the sun goes down, the brightness of the beloved’s eyes will be lighten up by the fire, hidin under the removable top. The bioethanol fuel tank was places there – as source of warmth and at the same time as modern solution.

In a duet with comfort

Bioethanol is the substance, that does not exhale exhaustes, smells or smoke. Moreover, during the combustion process the steam arises, that moisturizes the room. We can add aromatic oil to the tank in order to get the pleasant smell experiences. Thanks that technology, the bio fireplace is free standing device, that does not need any chimney-ventilation system. Duet is a combination of furniture and bio fireplace, but it’s also the unseparable companion for the house holders, who can move it wherever they want without any problem.