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Bio fireplace – for hot and for cold


Apart from the heating function the manufacturer does not offer other application for its bio ethanol fireplace often. Surprisingly, Cocoon Fires from Australia, where for most of the year there is a high temperature, proposed a bio ethanol fireplace which can be successfully used as a handy fridge. Yes it’s true!

On hot days, when we dream only of refreshing ourselves, we can fill Aeris Stainless Steel bio ethanol fireplace with ice and keep inside the drinks or other products intended for general access of the residents or guests. Such use will certainly prove perfect on the summer party by the pool or on the veranda. Our guests will not have to rummage through the hidden refrigerators, but they will comfortably reach to the inside of the bio ethanol fireplace.

The model is entirely made of stainless steel, polished steel, was designed by Federico Otero and is to be mounted on the ceiling. Materials used for its construction and the shape of this bio ethanol fireplace give a slightly industrial nature to the whole structure, but very precise finish gives the overall impression of harmony and elegance. This bio ethanol fireplace will prove perfect for modern and minimalist interiors. The greatest advantage of this bio ethanol fireplace is that is can be hung everywhere in your home and it can be rotated 360 degrees on an axis. The suspension height of this model is regulated in a stepwise manner (6 levels).

bio-fires-324Technical data:

Diameter: 60 cm

Height: 38 cm

Tank volume: 1.5 l

Average burning time : up to 6 h

The price of this model is approx. $ 3 500