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Bio fireplace – the culmination of modernity


Modern bio ethanol fireplaces designs are mostly glass and steel, especially in the uncoated silver colour. A silver bio ethanol fireplace by Doramar is an example of this ultra modern design. It is entirely made ​​of polished stainless steel. It is characterized by a very simple, square shape, but rounded edges give softness and airiness to the whole structure.

The entire structure is elegant and balanced. The model is only available in silver. The tank with a volume of 1.5 l is placed in the characteristic base of the structure and allows for approximately 3 hours of effective burning. Due to open access to the fire the bio ethanol fireplace will gave a lot of heat, thus it will prove perfect for heating the rooms in the fall transition period.

Technical data:

Biofuel consumption: 0,5l per hour

Dimensions: 70 x 70 c 15 [cm]

Weight: 29 kg

The price of this bio ethanol fireplace is € 1145.

photo: DORAMAR