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Bio fireplace Yacht – charme of marine adventure


All the lovers of the wind, open sea spaces and sailing surely like the bio fire Yacht by an Italian company Altro Fuoco. This unique design is characterized by the purity and naturalness of forms and shapes.

The external finishing of the body is made of the wooden plywood, which connotes the long days spended on the board of a luxury yacht. Inside, is located the 1,8 l volume bioethanol fuel tank made of stainless steel, what allowed for 4 hours effective burning. There are the panes of tempered glass 12 mm thick, located on both sides of the bio fire, what protects from the strong wind. Thanks to the slots in glass panes, bio fire is easy to move to the different places. The whole construction has a shape of a hull of a yacht. This model will perfectly looks inside the housing, as well as outside the buildings.


The author of project: Andrea Pietroni.

Technical data:

External dimensions: 44,5 CM x 38 cm x 22 cm

Heat output: 3 KW/h


Bio-ethanol-fires-572 photo: ALTRO FUOCO