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Vulcanu by GlammFire – volcanic crater in our living room


GlammFire brand is a synonym for luxury and elegance in one. Vulcanu bio fireplace is an another device, that without a doubt fulfils these assumptions.

Volcanic craters were the inspiration for Portuguese designers when creating this bio fireplace. Vulcanu shows strong personality, it was created in modern style with a smidge of design. Its audacious lines perfectly fit in contemporary environment.

Excellent performance

The table covered with lacquered MDF is a base of this bio fireplace. The model is available in three colours: red, white and black. The burner capacity is 2 L (liquid bioethanol). Burning time – 6 hours. Round glass around the burner is protected against high temperature. The dimensions are as following: 1200 mm x 567 mm x 802 mm, the weight is up to 40 kg.


Stylish crater

GlammFire brand is one of the most luxurious bio fireplaces brand in the world. Vulcanu is the perfect confirmation. Bio fireplace, matching perfectly to the interiors and attracting the attention, is a modern decoration, that surprises our friends. Vulcanu is not only a bio fireplace, but also a place, that may be our coffee table, because except stylish burner, we can place vase or any other things on it. Vulcanu will bring sophistication and chic into our interior. It turns our living room into contemporary place with original decorations! From now, we can spend evenings by flame coming from our private volcano.