May 26, 2022
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Bio fireplace – creating space with fire
As we have already presented in several articles, a bio ethanol fireplace is also a great tool for the architects to create the space,...
Babele – perfect for outdoor and indoor
A well-known Italian designer Mario Ferrarini has created a unique and noteworthy design of a biofuel fireplace.
Nerone – urban light at living room’s fireside
Those, who are admire stylish, creative and economic solutions, will certainly appreciate James di Marco's design.
Loft – quality in itself
This modern and simple design made from wood and steel, beautifully reflects the fire. It can be placed on furniture.
Kubik – beauty embeds in simplicity
Minimalism and simplicity perfectly describe the design of this biofuel fireplace by Christiano Piccolo.
Coblonal – fire like a painting in a frame
Beautiful bio fire put in the frame looks like an impressive painting. This exceptional design is created by Brandoni.
Orion – divine eye
The Bronpi company created an original and uncommon ethanol fireplace that is in the shape of a big red eye.
Homefire by Acquaefuoco
Italian designer Acquaefuoco has created real, home fire, closed in steel bio fireplace wrapper. Acquaefuoco does not disappoint us this time as well. It has...
Vulcanu by GlammFire – volcanic crater in our living room
GrammFire has prepared a perfect project for those, who adore elegant and luxurious design solutions.
Tube – awarded for finesse
A Tube bio ethanol fireplace by Acquaefuoco is a ultra modern design that is sure to become the focal point of your living space....