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Bio fireplace – rhythm of Paso doble


Innovative bioethanol fires should not break up with traditional functions and values ​​of traditional burners. The design must, however, also interacts with modern trends. A Paso doble bio fire by Maison Fire combines a minimalist modernity, the purest qualities of Italian design and warmth of burner.

Paso doble dance originates from Spain, where Corrida comes from. Bull fights, were originally called “belt dos” or “pas de deux,” which captured the specific nature of this “dance” of the Toreador with a bull being a combination of tradition, local culture and fiery temperament. Similarly, Paso doble bioethanol fire combines a durable and robust construction with the subtlety of a glittering flame.

This model is equipped with a biofuel pump, tank with aromatherapy preparations and air quality control system.

Technical data:

Bioethanol fuel tank volume: 2.5 liters

Burning time of the full tank: 6 hours

Dimensions: width 103 cm, height 67 cm, depth 22 cm

Weight: 31 kg

Available colours: caramel and white, grey-pearl.

Bio-fireplaces_70photo: MAISONFIRE