August 23, 2017
The first international bio ethanol fireplaces journal: catalogue, bio ethanol fuel, brands
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Paper by Altro Fuoco – Italian interpretation of sheet of paper

Designers of Italian studio Altro Fuoco keep on surprising us by their original ideas. This time the inspiration for next bio fireplace was …...

Crystal by GlammFire – surrounded flame

Those, who like the combination of functionality with unique and luxurious design, will certainly appreciate Crystal bio fireplace – project by GlammFire. This fireplace...

Nerone – urban light at living room’s fireside

Those, who are admire stylish, creative and economic solutions, will certainly appreciate James di Marco's design.

Coblonal – fire like a painting in a frame

Beautiful bio fire put in the frame looks like an impressive painting. This exceptional design is created by Brandoni.

Orion – divine eye

The Bronpi company created an original and uncommon ethanol fireplace that is in the shape of a big red eye.

Tube – awarded for finesse

A Tube bio ethanol fireplace by Acquaefuoco is a ultra modern design that is sure to become the focal point of your living space....

Sylwia i Lucas Redwitz: our ethanol fireplace design

Those, who love floral motifs, will certainly appreciate this aesthetically pleasing design by Sylwia and Lucas Redwitz.

Book bio fireplace – geometric and functional beauty by Altro Fuoco

Minimalistic, modern, geometric – these are only few terms, that come to mind after “face value” of bioethanol fireplace by Altro Fuoco. Designer Luca Scacchetti...

Open bio fireplace – a full fire

Company Brandoni prepares an attractive proposition for those, who want to enrich their modern interiors with stylish but at the same time practical addendum,...

Mysterious warmth with Akowood Original bio fireplace

Original and functional. Akowood Original bioethanol fireplace is charming combination of elegance and good taste, due to it we could give space the subtly...


Bio fireplace – creating space with fire

As we have already presented in several articles, a bio ethanol fireplace is also a great tool for the architects to create the space,...