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What determines the price of bio fireplace?


There are many models of ethanol fireplaces on the market,with different prices. At first glance, we often do not see what determines such a high price of a particular model. What should we pay attention to while buying a ethanol fireplace to make sure that we do not pay too much?

The most important thing determining the price of a ethanol fireplace is its unique design. If the model is characterized by a fantastic, unique shape, nicely chosen colours and unusual juxtaposition of materials. Especially the projects coming from famous designers are characterized by excessive prices. Regardless of the structure and materials which the ethanol fireplace is made of, design is crucial for the value of a given model. Unfortunately, assessing the real value of the model subjectively, we can not decide whether a design is worth the money or not. It is immeasurable. But we can certainly say whether we like a given ethanol fireplace or not. Probably nobody would be discouraged by a high price if they liked the ethanol fireplace very much or if it fitted their interior design perfectly.

The second thing which determines the price are the materials which the ethanol fireplace is made of. They are usually made of steel, stone, ceramics and glass. It is considered common knowledge that the model made of natural stone will be more expensive than a ceramic or a glass one. The price may also depend on the amount of individual materials in the structure of an ecological fireplace. The biggest part of the market is dominated by the ethanol fireplaces made of stainless steel painted in different colours. These fireplaces are by far the cheapest, which is associated with the ease of processing this material. Simply, it is easier to perform the structure of a steel ethanol fireplace. Their price may vary mainly because of the size. Generally, the larger the ethanol fireplace the more expensive it will be, as larger quantities of materials were used for its production.

It is also worth looking at the quality of the materials used for the construction of the ethanol fireplace, the way of jointing them, edging and other details proving a solid preparation of the structure. The quality of the ethanol fireplace’s structure is like in the case of other products also an important element affecting the price.

The value of the ethanol fireplace may also increase when the manufacturer used additional utility functions. This applies to both additional systems increasing comfort or operation safety, such as sensors of the fuel tank overflow, as well as additional utility features e.g. as a piece of furniture or functional piece of equipment. The more functional the ethanol fireplace, the higher the price.