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Bi-side bio fireplace – wonderful in creating the space


As is widely known, bio fires are the amazing devices in interior design. Especially, the built-in models leave the designers a lot of space to display. Among these type of bio fires there are models opened from both sides, that look great in a partition wall between two rooms. They partly open the view for the neighbouring room, which thanks to the burning fire becomes a little bit mysterious.

The series GlammBox by Glamm Fire definitely deserves the attention. These devices are built-in inserts. Bio fires opened from both sides are marked with DF symbol. The longest one is 2150 DF. This built-in model will look perfect in the partition walls, between two big rooms. Because of the lenght of more than 2 m, it is equipped in 2 burners with the volume of 10 l. The access to the open fire is limited by two glass panes placed on the both sides. It will be perfect for the public places, where it is important to create the appropriate climate and style, for example in the restaurant. It is recommended for all professional projects, where it’s neseccary to decorate the big partition wall.