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Bio fireplace Babele – closed in glass


Is it possible to tame the fire? Can it be closed in some form? Mario Ferrarini, Italian designer, shows us the way he displays his brilliant bioethanol fire – so simple, perfect for big apartments in big city.

Tame the nature

Modern interiors take the inspiration from source. Raw wood, cold colours, spacy apartments. Very often designer item is lacking there. The one, that warms up not only the image of room, but also householders. Bio fire Babele is perfect for this. Thanks to simple, geometrical form it will matches to every modern interior. Glass burner and steel base of bioethanol fire is contrasting with jumping, unruly flames. However, the whole construction complements perfectly and fills the minimalistic interior with elegance and sophisticated style. Antonio Lupi surprises us again with universality of his products, which match to every room, keeping at the same time its unique and exceptional style.

Fire restraint

Bioethanol  Babele can be loosely relocated. Thanks to frugal design, Babele matches not only to modern interior, but also to city terraces and home gardens. During autumn evenings, we can enjoy it outside with our friends, glass of wine, watching sunset. In winter we can move it to living room or bathroom, in order to warm up after cold day. Bio fire Babele illuminates entry to house or garden arbour.

Everything handy

Bioethanol fire Babele has one more, it would seem, small advantage. Mario Ferrarini wanted to join design and utility , that’s why he designs the locker inside the Babele. Thanks to that, all needful items, such as glass set or bottle of Brandy are always at hand and let enjoy the warm atmosphere of burning bio fire, oneself or with friends. Babele can be used also outside, and then we can hide warm plaid for colder, autumn evenings.