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Bio fireplace – chest full of treasure


This unique bioethanol fireplace in the shape of the chest, offers the owner something much more passionate than even the most precious pirate’s treasure.“Malle and Feu” model by Atria is a cleverly hidden burner in the form of shapely, beautiful, white trunk. The open lid reveals two openings of the burner, from which the flames are flashing. From inside the lid is fitted with a mirror that enhances the visual effect of the fire. If we have already warmed up and have taken a good look on the fire, we can just extinguish the burner, close the lid and use the ethanol fireplace as a decorative base for our collection of photos, candles, a vase of flowers or other accessories. With the portable nature and small size (750 x 350 x 350 [mm]), the ethanol fireplace is an ideal solution for small apartments. Moreover, thanks to its specific shape, it will be perfectly suited both for the living room, as well as the bedroom, bathroom or a study and work corner. Through its multi-purpose design we may match it with classic and very modern interiors. Without fear we can also use it outdoors. It can be an excellent gift, though it will be a very exclusive gift, because we will have to pay about € 3 800 for this model.



photo ATRIA