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Bio fireplace Il canto del fuoco – Italian romance of water and fire


It is obvious that opposites attract. The same goes for water and fire. Elements, seemingly fighting with each other, can create the perfect symbiosis, adopting a very impressive form of bio fireplace.

Bathroom with a bio fireplace

Majority of bio fireplace manufacturers focus on the possibility of arranging the devices in the living rooms, bedrooms, offices or public spaces. It is obvious choice, because we spend most of out time in those places. However, it doesn’t mean that the amateurs of unique decoration in a bathroom are less important. Thinking of those for whom a combination of water and fire is both a practical and aesthetical solution Il canto del fuoco bio-fireplace by Antonio Lupi was created.

A song of fire

Creating this unique model, Domenico de Paulo wanted to warm up the interior of a bathroom, literally and metaphorically and to give it a specific shape. The designer together with Massimo Pistolesi, called “maestro fumista” created the first bio fireplace, intended primarily for mounting in the bathroom, but also in other places. The model is called Il canto del fuoco – in Italian it means “a song of fire”. The game of flames should make a bathroom become something more – the place associated nice and homy atmosphere, as in a bedroom or living room.

Size matters

Il canto del fuoco is an innovation not only because of its use. This model is available in many sizes – in order to be placed in every bathroom. Moreover, two versions are available – with a burner visible from one or two sides of the device. It increases the arrangement possibilities and gives more freedom in incorporating it in the space, depending on the size of the room. The original form of the bio fireplace can undoubtedly be a main decorative element in the bathroom, as its decor can be tailored to individual preferences. However, there is one element that links this model with other bio fireplaces by Antonio Lupi – the highest quality and safety of use.