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Bioethanol fireplaces behind the glass


As is known, the most popular models of bio fires are hanging models, especially these ones, where the access to the fire is limited by the glass panes. It is known that they are placed for our safety, especially in small rooms or in apartment block. 

The front glass pane protects from uncontrolled and sudden dispersal of the fire on the other furniture. The glass is also the best solution that ensures the safety for the low models of bio fires. Thanks to that, we can watch the fire from every part of a room and every side of a burner without worrying about the burn.

The decorative function is the second important advantage of the glass. Form, type of darkening or manner of glass processing – thanks to that the construction of bio fire is more delicate, sophisticated and elegant. Moreover, the flame blinking in the glass panes creates unforgettable, unique and very romantic views. The look of curved glass and flame dancing behind it, is especially amazing. We can often come across the bio fires with coloured, smoked or painted glass. Everything depends on the designer’s fantasy.

Bio-fireplaces_152 photo: CONMOTO