The secret of DELTA flame


For ancient civilizations fire was a symbol of changeability and fight. Shown as universal being, it had to be the reason of the world creation and had to last forever. Enslaved in burners, it gave a man the control over its destiny, but not over its secret. What else do DELTA flames hide?

DELTA bio fireplace is an ecological and elegant solution of DILOVRA manufacturer, modified by the designer Akii Juliushi. The artist has changed the massive, steel base, shown in original project of DILOVRA, to the element naturally associated as a fire source – cube shaped wooden log. Flames, escaping from the burner, decorated with steel, form a delta – very special sign for the ancient people.

delta-mcj-Akii Juliushi-2

Bio fireplace with unusual meaning

Letter and mathematic symbol – like a beating flame with changeable shapes, delta is the beginning of consideration about its real meaning. What is the information? Dancing on the burner it will fill every interior with a little bit of secret. Wooden element, embedded by Akii Juliushi is a nod in the direction of nature and at the same time the illustration of bio fireplace idea – ecology. Models available in the noblest sort of solid wood – zebrano, merbau, teak wood, match with every and even the most exclusive arrangement.

delta-mcj-Akii Juliushi-1

Beyond the patterns

Minimalism, modernism or garden with a swimming pool, DELTA isn’t limited neither by style nor by space. Bio fireplace is characterised by complete freedom of relocation and independence of the chimney-ventilation system. The source of fire is bioethanol, located in a special container inside the burner. There is no carbon dioxide or unpleasant smell. The fireplace is eco- and user-friendly.

delta-mcj-Akii Juliushi-5

Light game

The element, that additionally lights up and decorates the bio fireplace are special Akostone stones by Akowood. Made of fireproof ceramics, they send out extraordinary brightness while burning. Luminous surface reflects the flames, creating unbelievable illumination.

delta-mcj-Akii Juliushi-4

DELTA bio fireplace is custom-made. The price, depending on wood chosen is PLN 3500-4500.

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