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Bioethanol fireplace – towards the sea


Cocoon Vellum Black bioethanol fireplace designed by a recognized and innovative designer, Federico Otero, is an example of unique modern art. Its shape is reminiscent of harbour atmosphere or specific ship finishing. Its subtle design will add sophisticated style, luxury and elegance to any interior. It is particularly recommended to the lovers of exotic travels.

Bio fire is realized in carbon steel and black finishing resistant to high temperatures. Finishing consists in 70% of matte black paint and 30% of shimmering stainless steel sheet. The model is designed for being mounted on the wall, both indoors and outdoors. Easily removable fuel tank has the volume of 1.5 liters of bioethanol, which allows for 4 – 6 hours of effective burning, of course, depending on the degree of the burner opening. Flame adjustment is very simple, like the way it is mounted. Model is sold as complete and ready for installation.


Vellum Black is 60 cm in diameter and protrudes from the wall at about 38 cm (measured including the mounting bracket). The price of this bioethanol fireplace is about $ 2 400.


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