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Wooden inspiration – Cone, Vesta Majora, Vesta Minor bio fireplaces


Portable, modern, elegant – combination of modern trends and tradition. Cone, Vesta Major and Vesta Minor bio fireplaces by Brandoni look like burners.

Ecological bio fireplaces by Brandoni, supplied with bioethanol, are perfect solution for those who appreciate tradition. Burning flame resembles the bars or wooden branches arranged like a cone. Vesta Major and Vesta Minor are good examples that designers of bio fireplaces try to refer to primary associations. Burners and frames of the devices are made of high quality stainless steel, by contrast spokes and levels are made of oak wood. Both models have energy efficiency of 1.8 kV.


Portable, wooden bio fireplaces do not need any special installation. They constitute a perfect variety to the apartments, gardens and outdoor generally. Especially they look good near other wooden decorative elements, among greenness, placed on a lawn, put on ceramic terraces or under the wooden arbour.

Cone bio fireplace by Brandoni is a bigger model than Vesta Minor and Vesta Major. It is also made of oak solid wood, it looks like a garden flower-pot. There are elegant stones spread inside the device. Stones add chic and sophistication to a whole construction. A burner, placed in-between, is the source of warmth.

Flames, jumping among the stones, create cosy and pleasant atmosphere. Cone bio fireplace is additionally equipped in small wheels that make its relocation easier. Wooden bio fireplace could be an elegant decoration for interiors and exteriors.

Due to original combination of modern style, materials, technology and traditional shape of the forest bonfire, Vesta Minor, Vesta Major and Cone are the attractive addendum to the source of warmth. These models of bio fireplaces look very naturally and bring out instinctual associations.