August 23, 2017
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Manual Ethanol Fireplaces Standing

Manual Ethanol Fireplaces Standing

Matteo Ragni: my design of bio fireplace

Matteo Ragni graduated in Architecture at the Technical University in Milan. For many years, he has been associated with designing applied art, including bio...

Tetris – more than bioethanol fireplace

What does bioethanol fireplace Tetris and popular in 80s and 90s computer game have in common? The name is not the only element joining...

Prism Fire L by Muenkel – for garden’s heart

Prism Fire L bio fireplace by Muenkel is successful synthesis of very interesting simple form, unique colour and smooth surface. This is a higher...

French bio fireplace inspiration – Opera and Montmartre

Parisian chic and elegance. We will find all this in the bioethanol fireplaces created by the designers of company Ignisial Paris, inspired by the...

Bologna by Ruby Fires – the elegance indoor and outdoor

Bologna ethanol fireplace by Ruby Fires is an excellent addition that is suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

Babele – perfect for outdoor and indoor

A well-known Italian designer Mario Ferrarini has created a unique and noteworthy design of a biofuel fireplace.

Loft – quality in itself

This modern and simple design made from wood and steel, beautifully reflects the fire. It can be placed on furniture.

Homefire by Acquaefuoco

Italian designer Acquaefuoco has created real, home fire, closed in steel bio fireplace wrapper. Acquaefuoco does not disappoint us this time as well. It has...

Vulcanu by GlammFire – volcanic crater in our living room

GrammFire has prepared a perfect project for those, who adore elegant and luxurious design solutions.

Bio fireplace – romance of the most important discoveries of human

Ability to use fire and the invention of the wheel is one of the most important milestones in the development of mankind. No wonder...


Bio fireplace – creating space with fire

As we have already presented in several articles, a bio ethanol fireplace is also a great tool for the architects to create the space,...