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Bio fireplace – elegance, chic and subtlety in interior


Probably the majority of our readers know, that the most popular are hanging bio fires. Among them, there are a lot of decorative, stylized models with elaborate shapes and colours. But there are bio fires, that surprise us with subtlety, elegance and chic.

Such bio fire is Hefajstos by Dreyke. The name comes from Greek mythology. This bio fire will be perfect for every type of interior. The discrete project will match most of all to the modern and up-to-date interiors. This hanging model is characterized by unusually subtle and slender design. The black backplane is a wonderful background showing off the brightness coming from the fire. Bio fire is equipped in 80 cm length burner. 7 flames are coming out through the small holes in it. These separated flames give an incredible visual effect of waving flames. Even Greek gods living on Olympus would like it. The safety of use and stability of construction ensures special mounted handle.

Technical data:

Outside dimensions: height 64 cm x width: 85 cm x depth 16,5 cm. Biofuel tank volume: 1,8 l

Effective burning time: 4,0 – 4,5 h

Heat output: 4-5 kW